Some years ago, it was felt that scars that has aroused out of surgery or accidents cannot be removed and so doctors are opting for laser-based surgeries in such a way that  the incision and the resulting mark will be minimal. But, this worry was totally removed when experts found that silicon based gels and creams can be effectively used by people looking for scar reduction. The best thing about silicone is that it removes the marks by fading and flattening the tissue. Before the introduction of these easy to use products, home-based scar removal was dependent on ingredients that include vitamins and even onion extract.

Then, the properties of man-made compound of silicone was discovered by chemists and it is considered as the best ingredient in the process of home-based methods to remove marks. With the best gels having silicone as an important ingredient, sold by some of the best manufacturers that too with money-back guarantee, people are protected from taking cortisone shots and they are also protected from opting for surgical procedures and costlier laser-based treatments. In the process of reduction of marks, these products are able to promote healing by helping the cells around the affected area to hold moisture from the healthy tissue surrounding the mark. In the process of healing, moisture is highly essential.

Even when your marks are itchy or painful, these scar reduction gels can provide you the right kind of relief immediately. These gels can also protect the tissue in the scar from rain, wind and other forms of irritants present in the atmosphere.
This ingredient works at the level of cell thereby providing the required heal. It will first begin its work by flattening the scar and with continuous application it will magically disappear to your surprise. Silicone also has the capacity to realign the damaged fibers. It has the ability to create static electricity, which in turn will persuade the damaged cells to realign themselves. Even when there are some hard pumps on your scar, they will also fade as time pass by with the usage of these reduction gels.

Even though, caristone shots, laser treatment and surgical options are available, most of the health care providers are suggesting their patients to opt for these gels. This is because the other options even though works, they will initially enlarge the size of the scar and give it a worse appearance before the actual cure occurs. Furthermore, they are costlier alternatives as well.